Professional Services

Professional Services

Billing & Consulting

We aim to maximize your allowable reimbursement.  Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claim efficiently, and aggressively follow up on unpaid or mis-adjudicated claims.

Our unique services mean you are always in close contact with those who do the work.  Even our smallest clients have direct access to resources and vast experience like those of a large organization.  Our competitors simply can’t match this unique blend of personal attention and sophistication. 

Please give us a call so we can confidently discuss areas of practice that need some assistance.

Business & Practice Development


We understand new practices.  Many billing companies shy away from them or provider services only at a higher cost or minimum fee.  We believe it makes more sense to build a long-term relationship and grow with you.  We will guide you through all phases of startup, implementation, and the first critical months of operation-at no extra cost.  We will continue with personalized services as your practice grows.

Insurance Credentialing & Maintenance

Credentialing Package

Included Services:

  • Credentialing or Recredentialing with all insurance plans that require enrollment.
  • IPA initial enrollment
  • CAQH Application (new or update)
  • Individual NPI Application (new or update)
  • Group NPI Application (new or update)

Annual Maintenance Plan

Included Services:

  • CAQH maintenance and re-attestation
  • Individual NPI updates and maintenance
  • Group NPI updates and maintenance
  • Renewals of License, DEA, CDS, etc.
  • Recredentialing of current insurance plans

Fees required in the application process are not included, and the responsibility of the provider.  Individual services offered.

Practice Compliance

Member of Healthcare Compliance Association (HCCA)

Please give our office a call so we can discuss more about this topic.