About Us


Here at Phylinx we take great pride in our tradition of quality performance and client satisfaction. Our goal at Phylinx is to provide you with the highest level of service that will consistently meet your expectations. This is the foundation upon which we have built long term relationships with our clients.

Putting your trust in Phylinx for medical billing management keeps you in the financial driver’s seat with sophisticated reporting and 24/7 visibility. Our service frees you from the costs and headaches of managing medical billing processes, systems and personnel, and allows you to focus on clinical excellence.


We are personally accountable for results. We succeed by first thoroughly understanding and examining what needs to be done to further your company and collection of capital. Phylinx has the right people, technology and advancement to ensure that finished product is consistently and correctly completed. Phylinx is a tightly managed professional service business that is one hundred percent dedicated to our clients’ needs and wants. We have the systems and the managerial controls in place so that our clients can rest assured that someone is paying attention to their accounts, in depth, on a daily basis.

At Phylinx we provide superior support to our clients. We achieve this by hiring, training and keeping the brightest, most qualified people in the industry. We recognize that our employees are both our most costly but yet the most important to ensure that our doctors and practices receive the best results.


While highly competitive on fees, Phylinx goal is to be our clients’ best value. Simply put, this means putting the most money in our clients’ pockets each month consistently. Our fees are based on a percent of collection.


Phylinx becomes your complete billing department solution. We take care of everything. Our expertise is completely utilized!

subpage-rightOur niche is “we understand every facet of billing” and have “the professional management and resources to stay on top”! Over thirty-five years of experience puts power at our fingertips. Our systems and expertise unleash a full arsenal of tools and processes that leave no stone unturned in collecting every legitimate claim dollar due to you. We treat patients with respect so you can maintain a long-term patient-doctor relationship.

Alongside our services, we use AdvancedMD cloud software that includes appointment scheduling, patient demographics, EDI eligibility, on-line charge forms, system generated encounter forms, patient receipts, financial and analysis reporting. Our world-class billing process includes daily electronic claim submission, claim tracking, denial tracking, claim scrubbing, and rule-based insurance-specific follow-up engine. These combined services and processes are able to deliver more money faster.